Green Mountain Worker Coop Alliance BBQ!

We had a great time at the inaugural BBQ Social for the Green Mountain Worker Coop Alliance!

Mitigating risks when developing with non-mainstream programming languages

(This is specific to Haskell, but can be applied in other settings)


Here are some problems I could imagine encountering: 

Holiday party at a worker coop

This is the first year I have attended a holiday work party as part of a worker coop. From the perspective of someone who has attended a few corporate holiday parties, words cannot fully describe how different your relationship is with the organization. It is one of those moments where the full impact of what you are a part of and how amazingly humane it is really hits you. 

DSI is proudly a Member of the Tech Co-op Network!

After years of talk this has finally happened:

We are very excited to be a part of this network and see big potential for partnering on large projects designed for Co-ops and in support of the growth of the New (Coop) Economy!



First CSA pickup of the season at the Intervale Community Farm

It was a rainy start to summer here on the East Coast and the Winooski river outside our office at the Chace Mill is the highest I’ve seen it since hurricane Irene.


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