Here at Data Systems we have been developing customized business software solutions for over 30 years in a highly productive language PROIV. We support Wholesale Distributors, Manufacturers, Aggregate Wholesalers, Manufactures and Value Added Processors with a wide suite of Order Processing, Inventory Management and Food Saftey solutions.

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Web Based Solutions

Three years ago Erbin Crowell, coop all-star and executive director of the Neighboring Food Coop Association, gave us an idea for a small application designed for Worker Coops that could streamline the process of managing member patronage and dividends. In 2010 Data Systems formed an advisory board of USFWC member coops and hashed out the application specifications and came up with a basic plan for the functionality. We chose to do this work as an open source contribution to the cooperative movement and we did it on our own dime. Since we funded this project ourselves, our paying clients were our biggest focus and took up most of our time so CAMP (formerly CAPA) was frequently kept on the shelf and it took us a few years to complete this project. FINALLY, we are very pleased to announce that CAMP application (Coop Accounting for Member Patronage) is ready for worker coops of all sizes to begin using it, just click the link below. Some basic instructions are located here for now. We would love to setup a demo for any interested parties. Contact to setup a demo today!

Coop Accounting for Member Patronage