Green Mountain Worker Coop Alliance BBQ!

We had a great time at the inaugural BBQ Social for the Green Mountain Worker Coop Alliance!

It was a special time just to hang out on the Digger's Mirth farm and socialize, drink some good Vermont microbrews, eat some delicious organic food hot off the grill, and talk a little bit about Coop Led Development ideas for our region. The GMWCA has been meeting regularly for a few years and we are finally starting to gel as a group and are finding ways to work together to support and grow our regional coop economy. Data Systems plans to offer it's employees the same access to Digger's Mirth produce as last year as an employee benefit. We will be attending the Old North End farmers market on Tuesdays this summer starting next week! It's not a CSA, but it a way for Data Systems to directly support Digger's Mirth and offer our employees and owners access to delicious organic produce. The greens are especially flavorful this time of year it seems! Yummm, mustard greens :D

Beet the system!