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Tech Worker Coops

  • Web design, marketing, communication: Quilted, Webskillet, Radical Designs, Palante, Acorn Active Media Foundation, Agaric, Full Steam Labs, Gotham City Drupal
  • Tech support: TechCollective, Boston TechCollective
  • Hosting: Electric Embers, Koumbit, GAIA Host Collective
  • Development, software: Open Flows, Plausible Labs, ParIT, Sassafras, At-Hand Apps, Codeversant Cooperative, Union Technology Cooperative
  • Combination: C4 Tech & Design, Caravan Web Worker Coop
  • Other: Civilization Systems, Toolbox for Education and Social Action

Local Tech Groups

Worker Coop Forums and Further Information

  • US Federation of Worker Cooperatives - list
  • American Worker Cooperative - blog
  • GEO - blog
  • Tech Coop list and archive
  • - wiki knowledge base
  • Arizmendi Bakery - resource page
  • University of Wisconsin - Center for Cooperatives

Worker Coop Federations

Worker Coop Support

Coop supporting software and services

General Coop Federations

  • NCBA
  • NCGA

General Coop Support, Financing

  • Data Commons
  • CoopMetrics
  • Cooperative Development Institute
  • CDS Consulting
  • Cooperative Fund of New England
  • National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives
  • A Bookkeeping Cooperative

Local Worker Cooperatives

Worker Coop Directories

  • American Worker
  • NCBA listing
  • Wikipedia

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