♦  Track all hourly, salaried, and commissioned employees on a daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-
monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.  Hours can include regular, overtime, vacation, holi-
day, and sick leave.  Handles miscellaneous compensation such as bonuses.
♦  Prints all relevant data on each payroll check stub, including complete deduction details and
year-to-date withholdings.  
♦  Automatically highlights exception conditions as they relate to tax tables and voluntary deduc-
♦  Secure un-authorized access to confidential information with extensive user-defined security con-
♦  Calculates and compiles routine government reports at the end of each quarter and year.

♦  401K and cafeteria fund processing.
♦  941 reports/worksheets available.
♦  Automatic tracking of vacation, holiday, and sick hours.
♦  Change log shows important changes to employee master record.
♦  Check reconciliation.
♦  Complete tax tables for federal, state, county, and local calculations.
♦  Easy to update for changes to government regulations.
♦  Mix of salary, hourly, overtime, or commission earnings.
♦  Mult i-departmental labor cost distribut ion.
♦  Multiple pay rates per period per employee.
♦  Multiple workman's compensation classes with rates per class.
♦  Resident state and work state maintained.
♦  Special "in between" pay cycles for manual checks, terminations, replacements, voids,
User-defined deduction scheduling.
♦  Tax deduction stop flags for federal, state, FICA, SDI, etc..
♦  Unlimited changes to checks until printed.
♦  Up to eight voluntary deductions per employee, including deduct from gross flags.

♦  Check Print.
♦  Check Reconciliation File Listing and Purge Listing.
♦  Check Register.
♦  Earnings Register, Voluntary Deductions and Labor Distribution Reports.
♦  Employee Birthday and Employee Seniority Report.
♦  Employee Earnings History Report.
♦  Employee Master File Listing.
♦  Employee Master Hard Copy.
♦  Employee New Hire/Terminated and Change Log Report.
♦  Employee Voluntary Deduction Listing.
♦  Form W-2 Update, File Maintenance, and Form Print.
♦  G/L Summary Report.
♦  Income Tax Table Listing.
♦  MTD/QTD/YTD Payroll Register.
♦  Pre-Check Register.
♦  Pre-Update Exception Report.
♦  Supervisor/Employee Report, Supervisor Code Listing.
♦  Vacation, Holiday, Sick Control Code Listing.
♦  Workman's Compensation and Unemployment Report.