Inventory Management

Inventory Management:

♦  Easily manage flexible pricing strategies with up to 10 price levels, up to ten quantity breaks applied
to individual items or item categories and discount date ranges.   
♦  Quickly review critical items at or below reorder levels, within user-defined re-order levels, or at a
user-defined reorder point.   
♦  Generate physical inventory count sheets and create inventory and general ledger adjustments auto-
♦  Display product on-order, invoiced, purchased, back-ordered, in transit, sales in units or dollar
amounts and warehouse bin locations and quantities, in real-time, for each inventory item.
♦  Analyze inventory value, costs, sales and margins quickly and easily using powerful reports and in-

♦  Audit trail reports forced before all purges.
♦  Committed quantity for current and user-specified future periods.
♦  Complete physical inventory system.
♦  Crit ical item and act ivity reporting.
♦  Discount and quantity breaks incorporate effective date range specifications.
♦  Extensive sales history by month, year and vendor.
♦  Five transaction types: receipts, orders, transfers, adjustments, credit returns.
♦  Four costing methods: standard cost, weighted average, LIFO, FIFO.
♦  Inventory item code may contain up to 15 characters.
♦  Inventory items may use different costing methods.
♦  Inventory valuation on demand.
♦  Multi-layered pricing tables with special customer pricing, and discount code facilities.
♦  Mult iple units of measure.
♦  Primary and secondary vendors and alternate items.
♦  Self-checking re-order quantity levels.
♦  Tracks negative inventory and zero cost inventory and ìafter the factî updating.

♦  Category File Listing.
♦  Crit ical Items Report.
♦  Customer Special Price & Quantity Breaks Listings.
♦  Inventory Activity Report.
♦  Inventory Item File Listing.
♦  Inventory Price List.
♦  Inventory Receiving Report.
♦  Inventory Transaction Report.
♦  Item Discounts Listing.
♦  Item History Reports.
♦  Item/Warehouse Detail Listing.
♦  Items-On-Hand Valuation.
♦  Physical Count Transaction Listing.
♦  Physical Inventory Exception Listing.
♦  Physical Inventory Item Count Sheet.
♦  Physical Inventory Variance Report.
♦  Warehouse File Listing