Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

♦  Apply Cash Receipts automatically to the oldest open items or manually to specific invoices.
♦  Automatically calculate and apply finance charges for  the specified statement cycle.   
♦  Eliminate manual errors by automatically creating and printing bank deposit slips.  
♦  Print customer statements based on statement cycle, range of customer numbers, customer type, and
minimum balance.  


♦  A/R Trade Account associated with each customer.
♦  Age receivables and date buckets defined by user.
♦  Audit and activity reports before posting to G/L.
♦  Automatic finance charge calculation, editing if needed before posting.
♦  Automatic order hold processing based on customer credit limits.
♦  Batch Cash Receipts, for customers with many daily checks.
♦  Flexible aged receivable reporting using multiple selection criteria.
♦  Inquiry includes A/R high balance amount & date, terms, limit & more.
♦  Non-customer cash receipts.
♦  On-demand statements and customer labels.
♦  On-line summary of total customer credit exposure.
♦  Open item inquiry/unlimited history inquiry.
♦  Receipts applied on account to specific invoices.
♦  Statement message can be associated with customer.


♦  Accounts Receivable Statement Print.
♦  Aged Open Items Report with user-defined aging buckets, by customer terms.
♦  Cash Receipts G/L Summary Report.
♦  Cash Receipts Journal Listing.
♦  Cash Receipts Deposit Slips.
♦  Closed Item Purge Listing.
♦  Customer Labels.
♦  Customer Terms Code Listing.
♦  Daily Accounts Receivable Activity Report.
♦  Finance Charge Edit Listing.
♦  Transaction Code Listing.
♦  Trial Balance Report.